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How can I see an earlier version of an assignment I’m working on?

The Versions tab on the Workbench provides a list of previous versions of the assignment.

How to View a Previous Version of an Article:

  1. While editing a work item, select the Versions tab on the right hand side of the window.
  2. Click the Select Version drop-down list to view a list of versions.
  3. Click on the version you wish to view. That version will then be displayed in the Versions tab.
  4. Select Revert To if you want to replace the current version in the Workbench with the older version you’re viewing in the Versions tab.

Important: Reverting to a previous version will change everything: text, attachments, etc., so make sure the older version has everything you need. If you do not wish to replace everything, you may also copy text from a previous version and paste it into the current version using the Paste as Plain Text feature.

Note: A new version is saved only when an assignment has moved from one stage to another (from writer to fact-checker, from fact-checker to editor, from editor back to writer, etc.). This means writers usually won’t see any versions in the Versions tab.