RRD Content Source Help > Is there a way to see assignments that I've already completed?

Is there a way to see assignments that I’ve already completed?

Yes. Completed Work lists all of the work you’ve submitted.

This is a great opportunity to learn what happens to your work after completing and find out about areas to improve.

On the RRD Content Source homepage, click on the Completed Work button in the Things That Are Ready To Be Worked On section.

You will see the following information:

  • Task title
  • Publisher
  • Project
  • Pay (will turn from grey to black when work is delivered and you can request payment)
  • Completed (when you finished the task)
  • Payment (when the payment was credit to your RRD Content Source account)
  • Item Thread (with information on status and comments)

Clicking on the orange task title will pull up a read-only view of the assignment.

To organize your work, click on Add Filter to create filters to limit what’s displayed (e.g. by publisher, pay, date, etc.).