RRD Content Source Help > Is there a way to organize what I see in my list of assignments?

Is there a way to organize what I see in my list of assignments?

For both Available Work and My Work, you can create filters to limit the list to a specific type of assignment or work for a specific publisher (RRD Content Source client), making it easier to find what you want.

If you don’t create a filter, All will show all the work you could claim for any project you’re assigned to (if you’re viewing Available Work) or all the work that is currently assigned to you (if you’re viewing My Work).

How to create a filter

  1. Select Expanded View or Available Work from the Things That Are Ready to Be Worked On section of the RRD Content Source homepage.
  2. Click the white Add Filter button.
  3. Enter a name for your filter. (This should be something that will make sense to you.)
  4. Choose the Publisher.
  5. Choose the Workflow Stage, whether writing, editing, etc.
  6. Choose the Due In number (turnaround time).
  7. Click Submit.

You can create as many filters as you want. For example, one for each project or each task type—editor, writer, etc.

Your filters will appear in rows like those show in this screenshot.

To edit or delete a filter, click the Edit or Delete icons on the right.

How to use filters

The assignments are also categorized into two columns:

  • Now shows work you can claim and begin now.
  • Upcoming shows work you can claim but can’t begin until a later date. For example, the writer is working on an article that will be ready for editing in one week.

Note: Writing assignments will probably never appear under the Upcoming column because they are usually available to begin right away.

To view assignments:

  • Click one of the filter’s number results to display the full list of assignments below the filter rows.
  • When you click an assignment title, you will see the guidelines (for Available Work) or the Item Thread (for My Work) on the right.
  • The icon in the far left column lists the type of task. (WR – writer; ED – editor; FC – fact-checker; RV – reviewer; PR – prepublish)
  • Other information shown in the list includes: Task/Title, Publisher (RRD Content Source client name), Pay, Due On (turnaround time).
  • To sort, click the column title. This makes it easier to find assignments for a specific publisher, due date, etc.