RRD Content Source Help > How do I submit my time for a project done on an hourly or per-page basis?

How do I submit my time for a project done on an hourly or per-page basis?

When a project manager assigns work to you that is to done outside of the RRD Content Source system and at an hourly rate or a per-page rate, RRD Content Source will send an email notifying you of the assignment.

Upon receiving the email, follow these steps to accept and complete the work and to ensure proper payment.

How to Complete Hourly Based Work

  • On the RRD Content Source homepage, find the assignment in the Things That Are Ready To Be Worked On list.
  • The assignment will display the payment at a per-unit rate. For example, if you are paid at an hourly rate, the per-hour rate will appear.
  • To complete the work or enter hours, choose the Edit icon.

  • Enter the appropriate number (for example, the number of hours worked or the number of pages edited) in the field asking for the number of units worked or created.
  • Select Save to save the number of units.
  • Select Complete to complete the task.
  • You must click the empty Submit to Next Step radio button to complete the task. The dialog also provides an area to write a description of the work. We suggest writing the date worked or the project name in the Optional Comment section.

  • Select Submit to close the dialog and save your information.
  • Your project manager will get a notification to approve your work. After approval, you will need to log into the network to Request Payment.
  • In Completed Work, the system will display the calculated amount due based on the Pay/Unit multiplied by the Number of units entered.  In the example below, the writer entered 2.5 units at a pay rate of $50/hour.