RRD Content Source Help > Do I need to fill out the profile and bio?

Do I need to fill out the profile and bio?

Yes, after you register and log in for the first time, please fill out your Professional Bio in the My Profile section.  Completing your professional bio ensures that RRD Content Source project managers can match you with appropriate projects going forward.

How to Add a Bio

  1. Log in to RRD Content Source.
  2. Select My Profile in the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Select the Professional tab to add a Professional Bio.
  4. Enter as much pertinent information to the Professional Bio section as desired. Please enter keywords that describe your specialties and skills in this section. RRD Content Source project managers will search on this information when recruiting for projects, so it’s best to include keywords that accurately describe your capabilities. The more we know about you, the more likely we’ll be to find projects that suit you.
  5. This tool also provides three Interest Area pull-down menus, which you can fill in. However, adding content to the Professional Bio section allows you to enter as many interest areas as desired.
  6. Enter any additional information on this tab, such as your personal website, your LinkedIn profile, or links to sample content you have produced. Please consider these links additions to the Professional Bio. Project managers can only search the bio, so it won’t help them find you if you provide those links but don’t fill out your bio.
  7. Select Save Changes before leaving this page to ensure your information is saved.