RRD Content Source Help > What is Auto Pay, and how does it work?

What is Auto Pay and how does it work?

Auto Pay allows you to have RRD Content Source automatically request payment for you each pay period if you have an available balance of $25 or more.

Once you set it up for your account, Auto Pay will run on the 1st and the 15th of each month, so you won’t need to log into RRD Content Source and make a payment request in order to have payment sent to your PayPal account. After Auto Pay runs on those days, you will see a balance of $0 on your RRD Content Source account, and you can look in Payment Requests to see the payment amount that was requested through Auto Pay.

How to turn on AutoPay

IMPORTANT: Before you can turn on Auto Pay, you need to set up your PayPal account information in RRD Content Source, make one payment request manually and enter your Tax Information.

  • Click on My Profile in upper right corner after logging into RRD Content Source.
  • Click on the Earnings tab of the My Profile page.
  • Check off the box in the Auto Pay column for the PayPal account you would like to activate Auto Pay for.

To turn off Auto Pay, follow the same steps and uncheck the box in the Auto Pay column. 

If you have more than one PayPal account connected to your RRD Content Source account, only one can be selected for Auto Pay.

Note: While Auto Pay is on, you can still manually request payments any time your balance is over $25, if you would like.