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What is Auto Claim, and how does it work?

Members have the option to set claim limits for work they wish to receive on a publisher-by-publisher basis. Once it’s turned on for a specific publisher, and new projects are created for that publisher, you will automatically receive assignments without having to manually claim them.

The feature automatically assigns no more than the value you set, for the stages in which you participate (Writing, Fact-Checking, Editing, Reviewing).

The project manager configures the limits within the given projects, and the maximum assigned per user will always be the lower of the two settings. For instance, if you set your limit to 2, and the project manager configures the project to assign 5 items per writer (or editor), you would be automatically assigned 2 items. The converse is also true.

The settings are configurable by publisher but may also be turned on or off globally in the event someone wants to turn off the auto-claim temporarily without deleting any of the settings, such as during a vacation.

 How to use Auto Claim

The Auto Claim feature can be found in the Preferences tab of the My Profile section.

Note: You will not see the Auto Claim option here until you have completed work for a publisher.

The Add Publisher button is used to create a new entry in the Publisher list. The list of publishers in the drop down is all publishers you’ve worked for in the past. You can define a number between 1-99. The next time a project is activated for the publishers in your list (and if the project manager has activated this feature for the project), you will find assignments in your Things That Are Ready To Be Worked On or Tasks That You Have Accepted Or Are Committed To In The Future lists.

The grid contains the Publisher name, the Max To Claim number you chose, On/Off (√ is On), Edit (which allows you to revise the number of items you wish to claim), and Delete (to remove the publisher from the list).

  • Any leftover items that have not been auto-claimed by other members on the team will still be visible in Available Work and available to claim by anyone on the team.
  • You can withdraw from an auto-claimed assignment.