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NOTICE: The Helium Publishing 360 sites will be available on a read-only basis effective May 21, 2014 and will continue to be available on a read-only basis until December 15, 2014. During this period, if you have an existing Account, you will continue to have access to your Account and accrue potential Minimum Amount Threshold, but you will not be able to add more articles to the Helium Publishing 360 sites or create a new Account. If you have attained the Minimum Payout Threshold, which currently is set at $25.00, we strongly encourage you to withdraw your Minimum Amount Threshold because the Helium Publishing 360 sites will terminate on December 15, 2014 and you will no longer have access to your Account. 


Why are the Helium Publishing 360 sites shutting down?

Changing market conditions and the proliferation of competitive publishing outlets and free blogging tools, as well as declining usage and revenue, were all contributing factors. After careful consideration it was determined that the existing business model cannot be sustained.


What dates impact me?


May 21, 2014

  • the Helium Publishing 360 sites will become “read only” and no article changes or revisions will be possible
  • no new work can be completed or created in the Helium Network dashboard
  • new member registration for Helium Publishing 360 sites will cease


December 15, 2014

  • advertising revenue share will cease
  • you will no longer be able to access your Account
  • all 27 of the Helium Publishing 360 sites will shut down and your articles will not be available via the microsites
  • access to the Helium Network dashboard to retrieve your Helium Publishing articles, message others, and request payment will terminate


What if I do nothing?

You can choose to do nothing –e.g., not retrieve or remove your articles or request payment. Your articles will remain in read-only mode on the Helium Publishing 360 site(s) until December 15, 2014 and on that date advertising revenue will end.


Which Web browser should I use to access the Helium Network dashboard?

You MUST use one of these approved browsers:

  • Firefox (preferred)
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer (IE7 and IE8 are not supported)
  • Safari or Windows 8 are not supported


Who can I contact if I have questions?

You are welcome to address questions and concerns to help@heliumnetwork.com or on Helium’s discussion forums.



What happens to assignments that I accepted or any articles that are still in the workflow?

All in-process work (such as seeding topics, projects, writing, editing, fact checking or plagiarism checking articles) will cease on May 21, 2014. Note: Unfinished or in-process work will not be credited.


How long will I be able to log in to the Helium Network dashboard?

Access to the Helium Network dashboard will continue through December 15, 2014. You will only be able to download your own articles and view and request amounts accrued at or above the $25 Minimum Amount Threshold.


What will happen to my articles?

Your articles will remain accessible in the Helium Network dashboard through December 15, 2014. After that time your articles will no longer be searchable or viewable on the Helium Publishing 360 sites. We recommend that you make copies of your articles in the coming months.


Can I retrieve/download my articles?

Yes. Beginning May 21, you can retrieve any or all of your articles through the Helium Network dashboard by selecting your articles individually (not in bulk) via the Ranks, Rates and Views screen. Step-by-step instructions for downloading your articles can be found in Announcements and in the Helium discussion forum.


Are there any costs to retrieve/download my articles?



Can I delete articles that I wrote?

Yes. Beginning May 21, you can select and remove your articles, individually (not in bulk) via the Ranks, Rates and Views screen. This action will only remove the article(s) from the public Helium Publishing 360 site(s). You will not accrue ad revenue credits for any removed articles. Step-by-step instructions for removing your articles can be found in Announcements and in the Helium discussion forum.


Can I still rate articles?

No. After May 21, 2014 you will no longer be able to rate articles.


If I already have rating stars on May 21, 2014 will they count toward my Minimum Amount Threshold?

Yes. Any rating stars you have as of May 21, 2014 will remain.


Who owns the copyright to my articles?

You own the copyright to your articles.


What about Helium’s exclusivity terms (“Grant of License”)?

Effective May 21, 2014, you are released from exclusivity and can republish your articles elsewhere.



Will I accrue credits for editing, fact checking or topic seeding assignments I accepted but was unable to complete?



How can I claim my Minimum Amount Threshold?

You can view and request amounts at or over $25 in the same way you usually do. Your tax ID and a valid PayPal account are required to process and receive payment.


Is there a payment request cutoff date?

Yes. The Minimum Threshold Amounts must be requested by December 15, 2014. Note that all advertising revenue share ends on December 15, 2014.


I haven’t logged in to Helium in months is my Account gone?

No. You can still request payment if your Account has reached the Minimum Amount Threshold of $25.00.


What happens if my final payment is not processed properly?

Contact help@heliumnetwork.com if you have any problems with your final payment. Be sure to reference your email address (or PayPal email address, if appropriate), pen name, full name and amount of the final payment.



Will the Helium discussion boards, blog and social media sites close down too?

The blog and discussion boards will remain open and accessible through 2014. Helium’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest sites will close down in mid May 2014.


How long will the Help Desk and the help@heliumnetwork.com email be available?

Help will be provided through 2014.

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  • Dorothy Marie Kucera says:


    Sorry you have to let go of such an incredible amount of website updating, etc. during recent years. Thank you for all the hard work. Your hearts must be heavy. You’ve done a GREAT job making the downloading and removal tasks so easy and fast. I wish all of you on staff the best. As I “removed” all of my articles today, it was like seeing our freedom as writers evaporate. A sad day.

    Questions: (1) when do our removed articles actually get DELETED? If not, where do they go? The FAQ information states that even if our articles are “Removed,” they are still visible on the Dashboard until Dec. 2014 (not on Search engines.) I’ve taken all of my articles off except three that had no download or remove option and we cannot use PayPal (plus my only amount due is $9.95), (2) so why not delete everything now?

    Given what I have said, please feel free to DELETE all of them now. Thank you. (3) WHEN can we delete the rest of our Profile, also?

    Mrs. D. M. Kucera

    • Emily Royalty says:

      Hi Dorothy,

      First of all, thank you so much for your kind words. They are much appreciated by those of us on the Helium staff.

      To answer your questions, if you remove your article, it becomes unpublished – it will no longer appear on the microsites. However, the content will still exist within the Helium Network application for record reasons. All articles will be continue to be stored within Helium Network, but will be removed entirely from the microsites as of 12/15.

      To deactivate your profile, email help@heliumnetwork.com and include your pen name.

      I hope this answers your questions!

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