Removing your articles from any of the 360 microsites

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Note: This will not delete your articles from the Helium Publishing dashboard. It will simply unpublish them from the live microsites. As a result, your content will not generate ad revenue nor will it be searchable on the Web.

Note: If you intend to remove your articles, you may want to download it first.

Log in to the dashboard and click Helium Publishing from your left hand menu. Then click Rates, Ranks & Views. You will notice you no longer have the Revise button. It has been replaced by Download or Remove options.

If you do not see a Download or Remove button, this indicates that the article is not live on any 360 site. You can still find the article text within your Completed Work.

Find the article you’d like to remove from the 360 microsite and click the Remove button. You will be prompted to confirm that you’d like to complete this action. Note: If you choose to remove an article, the action cannot be undone.

If you delete something unintentionally, however, you can still find the text within your Completed Work.


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