Downloading your articles from the Helium Network

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NOTE: ONLY download the articles that you have written.

Log in to the dashboard and click Helium Publishing from your left hand menu. Then click Rates, Ranks & Views. You will notice you no longer have the Revise button. It has been replaced by Download or Remove options.

If you do not see a Download or Remove button, this indicates that the article is not live on any 360 site. You can still find the article text within your Completed Work.

Find the article you’d like to download and click the Download button. Note: You can not download articles in bulk; each article will have to be downloaded one at a time.

Next, open up the word processor with which you would like to save your article. (We recommend Microsoft Word or WordPad.) Click File > Open. Then select your Downloads folder. The file will automatically download with a .txt extension, so make sure to select All File Types in your search criteria.

Find your downloaded article and click Open. The file will include the headline, abstract, keywords, and article body. Make sure you save the document(s) in an easy-to-remember place on your computer.

The file will appear in HTML format. This means that all style choices you made will be reflected within the text. For instance, if your article had subheads or links, they will be “translated” into HTML code within the downloaded article. If you decide to republish your article (on WordPress, for instance) your formatting will remain intact.

So, on the 360 microsite you would see:

And in the downloaded version it will appear as:

Once you have downloaded and saved your article, continue this process for each article you would like to save.

Images will not be downloaded. Save your images to your computer if you would like to maintain access to them.

You will not be able to download articles that have been deleted. You will have to copy them from your Completed Work. For directions on how to do this, click here.

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