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Varied freelance work for professional writers

At Helium Content Source, seasoned editorial professionals provide content for blogs, articles, guidebooks and more. HCS freelancers work with a team of in-house project managers, who provide guidance at every turn. What’s more, HCS writers’ work is published on a variety of media platforms, including newspapers, e-commerce websites and online resource sites.

aspiring-writerCalling all experienced writers, editors and fact-checkers

Professional editorial freelancers can apply to be part of the Helium Content Source team. Once you are assigned to a specific project, you will also be in consideration for future assignments. Assignments are processed through Helium Network’s custom, online workflow management tool where freelancers can accept work, communicate with the editorial team, create a professional profile and keep records of work and payments.

editorial-advisoryProfessional custom content targeted to diverse industries

Editorial professionals have the opportunity to work for clients in an array of industries. Helium Content Source brings writers and editors with subject matter expertise to the retail, media, health care, telecommunications, automotive, financial and legal fields. Serving as matchmaker, HCS draws on a deep bench of editorial professionals to source the right team for every project.

helium-publishingManaged solutions throughout the lifetime of a project

Helium Content Source project managers oversee the entire editorial process, handling all deadlines, revisions, payments and 1099s, checking for plagiarism, communicating with writers on the client’s behalf, training writers and editors on custom guidelines and answering questions along the way. See editorial freelancer FAQs for more information.