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Freelance work for professional writers

At Helium Content Source, seasoned editorial professionals provide content for blogs, articles and more. HCS freelancers work with a team of in-house project managers, who provide guidance at every turn. What’s more, HCS writers’ work is published by a variety of clients, including newspapers, major U.S. department stores and popular websites.

aspiring-writerIn-depth training for aspiring writers

Helium Network is a powerful publishing platform, and we provide the training needed to get started. Helium Network members have access to documentation and videos that teach them how to navigate the easy-to-use Helium Network tool, as well as how to maximize SEO so published articles reach their target audience and generate revenue-building views.

editorial-advisoryHone your skills with editorial feedback

Every writer has room for improvement, but not every writer has an editor to show him how. With Helium Network, your writing will be reviewed by an editor before it goes live on a Helium microsite. You’ll receive feedback and be able to ask questions of our Editorial Advisory Board, which will set you on the path to creating your very best work.

helium-publishingPublish your writing

Accept an assignment from Helium Network’s assignment system and get writing! When you’re done, submit your work to our editorial team for review. Once finalized, it will be published on one of Helium Publishing’s 27 topic-based microsites, where it will be surrounded by the work of other subject enthusiasts like yourself, and curated by a subject matter specialist.

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